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Flash Light On Clap


Flash Light on Clap Flash Light will be ON/OFF when you clap using this awesome application.
When there is a dark in your home or even outside it’s very difficult to find a Torch or Flashlight. Ever you think how good it will be if your phone’s flashlight will turn ON when you clap at night or dark! Isn’t it amazing? Yes, it’s an amazing tool to turn ON/OFF your phone’s flashlight by clapping.
Forget about searching for a torch and forget about turning on your flashlight, just clap from nearby and see your flashlight glowing.
Amazing Feature:
► At nights, when you don’t know where your mobile is and then you just have to clap to turn on your mobile flash light. ► Multi-color changing screen► Nice claps torch flash light camera photo mobile android► Operate your phone flash-light with claps.► Double clap..► Find your phone with led flash light on clap► Torchlight on Clapping► Clap detection system► LED Torch – Clap to ON /OFF► Ultimes alertes flash
This application has a very low battery usage. Use this flash on clap application now and have a complete peace of mind as well. Now this way you can have flash alerts on clap.
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